FTM… again

Ok, you’re probably wondering at the title. And you would be right to wonder. How does a woman become a first-time mommy AGAIN. Let me explain really quick. I have mentioned my 2 daughters in a previous post, they are 9 years and nearly 13 years (and I now have an 11 year old step-daughter to throw in the mix) so it’s been QUITE a while since there was an actual BABY in my household. The 9 year old actually turned 9 only 6 days after my little Froggy was born so we’ll just round it up to an even 9 years between the last baby and the current one.
Fast forward 8+ months: At 33 years of age and chasing a little 8 month old around this house I not only feel OLD (I don’t remember my back being so fragile when I was in my early 20’s) but I feel like I’m a first time mom- again. There are some things you never forget how to do (how to put a diaper on a baby is pretty darn simple) but all the other things -experience usually equals confidence, right?
Well, in Froggy’s case, it’s been so long since mommy had a baby in the house that those first few months of worrying whether she was eating enough, warm enough, sleeping too much, and jumping out of bed to make sure she was breathing were rough. I literally felt like I’d never done this before. I worried and worried myself sick.
My little princess is very much like her oldest sister in disposition and routine, so I HAVE done all of this before… it just feels alien after so much time. Can anyone relate to this? -or am I alone out here?


Detox! -Becoming Wonder Woman

Ok, so when I went to the doctor last month and she said I was 188lbs, I was like o.O cause I’m not gonna lie, that’s about 60 pounds over where I should be for my frame.  Well, in order to jumpstart my path to becoming a healthy me I am detoxing.  It’s really not hard to do… no processed foods (poptarts, frozen dinners, pretty much anything you didn’t make yourself), no sugars, no gluten or high fructose corn-syrup.  Oh, and no white starches (my new rice is BLACK… no really, it is).

This morning I had a smoothie (if you have a ninja, this is probably the quickest breakfast you’ve ever made).


*1 cup frozen fruit (they have this at the grocery store by the gallons)

*1 small banana or half a large banana (I freeze mine to keep the smoothie at a decent consistency)

* 1/2 cup no added sugar almond milk

*1/2 cup filtered water

Mix it all up in a blender or ninja and enjoy the smoothie!

Now, according to this detox, the MAJOR thing is for us to be sure our protein intake is adequate (you will need protein at every meal and snack) so I’m eating 2 whole walnuts and 2 whole pecans (or 4 halves of each since this is how you’ll find them at the grocery store in the baking section)… I opted to eat my breakfast nuts separately and not put them in my smoothie, but if you want them in your smoothie, by all means!  I would only suggest that you put them in first and process them before you add the rest so it gets a chance to completely process and you don’t have huge soggy chunks of nut in your smoothie (you will need to stir them off the bottom when it’s done processing).  I took the simple route and ate them separate.

About 2 hours after this I will need a snack…. remember it has to have a decent amount of protein.   WARNING: This is NOT supposed to be a whole meal! My major choices for snacks (I’ll do some research to find some more) is a hard boiled egg or an apple with peanut butter.  On a side note, you should only be eating natural (nothing added) peanut butter.  -remember no high fructose corn-syrup.

Lunch time is my least favorite of the day at the moment, so I’ll have to research a little more to find something a little more delicious to eat. However, AT THE MOMENT I am stuck with what I know.  For lunch I am eating a salad with chicken I pre-baked and chilled (chicken serving is about the size of my palm- or half a breast).  The salad dressing is the tricky part.  Since I am detoxing -and remember that’s a 10 day thing- I can’t just pick up my favorite dressing and put it on my salad, it has so much stuff in it that I shouldn’t have.  Ok, back to what I CAN have. Balsamic vinegar.  Not the dressing that is an oil-based vinaigrette but the actual vinegar with nothing in it.  Yesterday I tried this salad with hard boiled egg in it instead of chicken… that I can honestly say was gross.  The vinegar soaked into the egg-yokes and was a nasty mess.  The chicken however is DELICIOUS.  Definitely a “try this one again” lunch, but I am determined to find some other high-protein lunch options that are ok for detoxing.

Two hours after that another snack.  Again, this is not supposed to be a meal!

For dinner (tonight) I am preparing a beef stir-fry with low-sodium soy sauce (make sure you grab the one without the additives) extra-virgin olive oil, sugar-snaps, carrots, black rice, bell-pepper, and onion all sauteed to delicious loveliness.  I can’t wait.  Personally, I don’t like the green bell-peppers so my stir-fry tonight will have one of either red, yellow, or orange bell-pepper in it.  You however, if you like the green ones rest assured that they are rich in vitamins and such and will not harm your detox at all.

This detox will hopefully have the effect it’s meant to, which is that I will no longer crave Mountain Dew and coffee (I miss my coffee most of all) and my body will cleanse itself of all the toxic additives that have built up in it for so long.  I will let you know how this goes.  If you are interested in a full-detox for yourself, I myself am working from a book called “The Daniel Plan” that my mother and friends have tried.  The recipe’s are yummy and the book takes the time to educate the reader on the WHY and why not of what to eat and when.  The diet highlighted in this book is actually inspired by the diet of a young slave in the Bible, his name was Daniel and he REFUSED to eat the meat at the king’s table which had been sacrificed to a pagan idol.  The first documented vegetarian maybe?  Anyway, this is a good book even if you don’t detox because there are still healthy recipes past the detox period.  Starches will be reintroduced to my diet eventually (after the detox is over) but things like msg and the like will never be reintroduced… it’s worth a read.

If you are interested in doing this for yourself I suggest first checking out the website http://www.danielplan.com/

Yes this is a christian based “new you” diet plan, but the principles of a healthy life are the same.  If you choose not to include God in yours, I do not judge, I will only throw in this one caveat that you are missing out on something truly great.  Regardless, this diet will help you learn what is healthy and what is not as you get more and more adept at it.

Becoming Diana Prince

        Some of you are looking a little lost, probably thinking to yourself (or maybe even out loud) ‘who is this Diana Prince’ and more importantly ‘why does AiBella want to become her?’
        Both of those are excellent questions.  If you have daughters or know any young ladies (preteen/teen) then you may be able to relate to the tale I’m about to tell.  My eldest child is nearly 11 years old and she has slight issues with her weight.  Honestly, there is some hereditary issues going on there, but the majority of the issue is HOW MUCH SHE EATS.  My daughter is beautiful, and she is by no means fat, she is just a little chunkier than her bone-structure indicates.  I know many ladies who can HONESTLY say that they are “big-boned”, but my daughter isn’t one of them.  

        She started middle school today, and I can’t help but shudder at what will be thrown at her through her peers, media, and society in general.  All eyes turn to the thin little wisps that starve themselves in the name of beauty.  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I want both of my daughters to see beauty as something else.  -Strength.

        At five feet five inches height and weighing in at an astounding 188 pounds, I am certainly not the role-model I want to be for my girls… so that’s where we begin.  I will become Diana Prince, aka “Wonder Woman”.  Through a lifestyle change (because we all know that “diets” just don’t work) that includes healthier food choices and portion control mixed with an adequate exercise regiment I will become a picture of beauty that my daughters can look to for inspiration.  Beauty is on the inside… but the way our society works is to make young ladies feel like the outside matters.  For girls as young as my daughters, beauty is tantamount to what their peers make of it.

        On that note, I will be transforming myself.  By becoming Wonder Woman, I will achieve many goals.  

  • Show my daughters that beauty does not include starvation
  • Create a role model for my girls and other girls just like them
  • Become the healthiest “me” I can be
  • Educate a new generation on what true beauty looks and acts like

        Ok, so that last one might have thrown you a little bit.  Well, the easiest explanation is that throughout this process, I will be chronicling this journey within this blog.  There will be pictures and explanations.  I will list some of the things I have tried, what the results of each experiment are (whether it be food or exercise) and keep notes on my weight and muscle mass/tone.  If something causes too much weight-loss at a time (which is super BAD because your body cannot process weight-loss over 2 pounds/week and will regain the weight over a short time) then it will be listed in the “don’t do it” files.

        Back to that last bullet-point though… “Educate a new generation…”  That last goal is to become a public speaker for the youth of America.  -By speaking in schools, churches, rallies and other such places as the comic-book heroine just about everyone can recognize, I will be spreading a new image of what beauty is, not just to my children, but to all children.  I want the boys to see that a beautiful woman isn’t a frail thing that has starved herself and thrown up her meals so that their boyfriends can encircle their waists with their hands.  I want girls to see that making themselves ill isn’t the same as achieving beauty.

        To that end, my journey begins.  My name is AiBella.  I weigh 188 pounds with a muscle-fat ratio leaning heavily on the fat side.  My back is messed up, my sciatic nerve gives me problems, and my heart sometimes feels like it is about to implode…. but I start now.  I will have to do some math to determine how many weeks/months it will take to reach my goal of a healthier, stronger, more-“beautiful” me.  When I finalize those physical goals I will be most pleased to share them with you.  


I can’t see!!!

Ok, not really… but that got your attention right? So anyway, mother’s day is coming up in 3 days and I was wondering what everyone got their mothers?
Personally, I went with personalized necklaces made by my oh-so-talented cousin, Christine. You can check out her work on Etsy by typing in “EverydayRegalia” you won’t be disappointed… but any-who… back to the necklaces I had commissioned for my mother (kids call her “Grammie”) and mother-in-law (kids call her “Nonna”). My mother’s is a pretty little thing with a blue sky and tiny pink blossoms that says, of course, “Grammie”. My mother-in-law’s (who’s real name is Donna) is a blue one that I actually got to help design, and it says, “Nonna”.
Christine REALLY came through on these pieces and didn’t bat an eye when I sent her the blue image to use as a background for her “mother’s day necklaces”. I got them in the mail today and just couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were. I wish I had one that says, “Mommy” but what are the odds right? 😦 -sad panda.
Anyways, Donna (mother-in-law for those of you struggling to keep up) is going out of town tomorrow with my father-in-law for a 2 week vacation…… sooooooo I gave her necklace to her today. She put it on immediately and gushed over it. I know it’s too late for everyone to get their order made and shipped by mother’s day, but you could still order a personalized item for a birthday… or graduation is also coming up!
So, what ARE you giving your mother?? I totally want to hear everyone else’s amazing ideas… come-on, I shared mine!